Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough San Antonio Market

Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough San Antonio Market

What if you never needed to print another flyer or pay for another open house sign ever again? With a strong property marketing strategy, you don't have to! Instead, you can use digital marketing strategies to attract tenants (even in a tough market).

Not sure how to increase your occupancy rate in San Antonio? Read on for the marketing strategies you need for success!

Use Digital Property Marketing Strategies

Before using the rest of these tips, update your properties. An outdated, shabby property won't attract tenants, regardless of how much money you invest in marketing it.

Thoroughly clean and stage the unit. Consider adding new home amenities to make the property more appealing.

Update your property listing to showcase the property's unique features. For example, perhaps you offer:

  • An indoor gym
  • Free internet
  • In-unit washer/dryers
  • Energy-efficient appliances

Consider the neighborhood as well. Let potential tenants know if you're near schools, clubs, shops, or restaurants. This information could make the property more appealing to new tenants.

Use digital marketing strategies to reach these renters online. Some of the most effective ways to attract tenants include social media marketing and paid advertising.

Keep Current Tenants Happy

Your current tenants can help you appeal to future tenants. Make sure your current tenants are happy. Respond to their questions in a timely manner to show them you care about their needs.

Retaining your current tenants can help you save money. Don't rush to increase your rent, though. Asking rents in the US increased by 3.23% in October 2023.

Increasing your asking rent in such a tough rental market could scare away your existing tenants. Instead, develop a lease renewal strategy to increase rent renewals. For example, you can offer incentives like:

  • A move-in allowance
  • No or low pet fees
  • Free parking
  • Reduce security deposits

Offer these same incentives to new tenants. You can also waive their application fee to encourage applications.

Ask your happy tenants to share their thoughts online. Their reviews can help you attract new tenants. You can also develop a referral strategy to attract new renters.

Hire a Property Manager

You don't have to apply these marketing strategies alone. Instead, consider working with a full-service property management company. Hiring a property manager could support every area of your real estate endeavors.

It could give you a competitive edge in such a tough rental market. Over 50% of property owners already outsource to property managers. A full-service company can handle:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Rent and fee collection
  • Leasing and advertising
  • Property inspections
  • Evictions
  • Tenant screening
  • Cleaning
  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Property sales
  • Outdoor services

Outsourcing these processes will save you time and money. Learn more about the marketing strategies each company uses to increase occupancy rates.

Attract Tenants to Your San Antonio Properties

Attracting new tenants in a tough rental market is easier than you might think. Use these property marketing tips to get started. Otherwise, work with an experienced property management company.

With help, you can boost renewals and find new tenants. PMI Premier Rentals has nearly 2- years of industry experience helping landlords like you.

We offer San Antonio property management you can trust. Contact us today to discover new ways to attract guests!