3 Things to Know About Rental Property Inspections in San Antonio

3 Things to Know About Rental Property Inspections in San Antonio

In San Antonio, landlords can pay from $300 to $1000 for building code violations. Soon, they may also have to pay for monthly rental property inspections if they're cited too often.

By paying for rental property inspections beforehand, landlords can avoid these fines. However, a rental property inspection can also benefit them in other ways.

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1. Maintain Value

Your San Antonio rental properties won't last forever. However, rental property inspections can prevent this from happening.

Get a Licensed Inspector

You first need to get a licensed inspector for the best results (or we can get one for you). They can easily spot small issues. It may be impossible for the untrained eye to see these.

Fix the Issues

Once you know these issues exist, you can get them fixed right away. If you do this, they won't grow into big, property-destroying issues. As a result, your properties should last for a longer time.

An Example

For example, your house could have a hidden mold problem. If no one spots the issue, the mold could spread and the property will become dangerous to live in. If a property inspector spots the issue, you can clean up the mold before it spreads.

2. Discover Illegal Activities

Building code violations aren't the only issues you can get in trouble for. This can also happen if you fail to report illegal activities. You may not discover these activities without regular inspections.

Finding Drugs

For example, one of your tenants could be using and/or selling illegal drugs. They could be hiding those drugs on your property. If you don't see these drugs before the police see them, you could face fines and even jail time.

Property Inspectors

Property inspectors have keen eyes. They'll likely be able to spot any place where tenants are hiding drugs. The inspectors can find these drugs, you can hand the drugs to the police, and avoid getting into trouble.

3. Prevent Tenant Harm

Finally, having a structurally sound property prevents tenants from being harmed. If you successfully do this, you'll avoid two potential disasters.

Low Property Value

If tenants die or sustain injuries, the value of your property will go down. Future tenants are unlikely to stay at your property if they hear what happened. You'll have to drastically lower the rent to get them to risk it.

Tenant May Sue

The tenant may also sue you for medical fees. If the judge finds the building issues were due to your neglect, you could have to pay several thousand dollars.

We Help With Rental Property Inspections

As you can see, rental property inspections are highly important. You may balk at the price of hiring a licensed property inspector. However, you could pay a lot more if a lack of property inspections gets you in trouble.

Luckily, you don't have to handle property inspections yourself. We can manage rentals in San Antonio for you. One of the services we offer is handling rental property inspections.

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